About Holly

About Holly

About Holly

Holly Montgomery Author of Introvert Pet Photographer

Meet the Author

Holly Montgomery captures animal emotion, pet-to-person relationships and personalities like it’s second nature. Like a retriever catches a tennis ball and a beagle finds a scent. She can’t explain how it works. It’s just always been a part of her. A sixth sense that slows the shutter, quiets the distractions and relaxes the world around her.

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BrindleBerry Pet Photography was born in 2005 out of Holly’s love of animals and the lifelong comfort of being behind a camera. With passion and tried & true patience (compliments of her then-13-year-old shy and reactive dog, Dante), she immersed herself in her pet photography business. Inevitably, the extrovert-oriented demands of building her business filled her socializing-for-introverts quota quickly, and she needed a break. Familiar, right?

On hiatus from photography, Holly stayed true to her love for all things animal. She started her own pet food business, a franchise of Tail Blazers, which she ran successfully for nearly ten years. But passions are passions, and since they speak from deep within, photography was always with her.

In 2011, with her creative well refilled, Holly returned full-time to BrindleBerry with the challenge that this time, she would be as true to herself as she always had been to her clients. This time around, Holly is armed with the first-hand experience of what did and didn’t work the last time. She has gained invaluable insight about working with people, clients and running a successful business – and truly enjoying it.

Holly has an Applied Degree in Entrepreneurship and a major in Computer Information Systems, and has been mentored by the veterans of the business. She continues to invest time and education into her business by attending workshops and honing her skills with a tight-knit creative community. She currently resides just outside of Calgary, in DeWinton, with her four companions: one patient husband and three fantastic dogs.

“With The Introvert Pet Photographer’s Guide, Holly presents a myriad of tools and approaches for your pet photography business, from how to deal with clients to designing sessions, marketing and networking strategies to building partnerships with fellow businesses whether you are an introvert or not!

With clear guidance and valuable tips, insightful observations and approaches, The Introvert Pet Photographer’s Guide is an eBook for EVERY pet photographer looking to think outside of their own box – whether they’re more comfortable in or out of that box!” Illona Haus | scruffy dog photography

“Holly has created a fabulous guide that details many of the ways to fine-tuning your pet photography business into something that empowers you, instead of draining you. While the book is written especially for introverts, all personality types will gain some clarity into the opportunities that they have to customize their business.”Nicole Begley | Nicole Begley Photography
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“Holly’s tips, insight, expertise and guidance are incredibly helpful for anyone who struggles as an introverted pet photographer. This eBook is a gold mine for introverts looking to structure their business in a way to help them feel happier and more confident while building a successful business.”Sara Riddle | Sara Riddle Photography
“The Introvert Pet Photographer’s Guide provides a refreshing, alternative way of looking at running a successful pet photography business for those who want to work outside of the expected tradition.

Pulling from over a decade of professional experience, Holly will help you find the confidence you need to navigate the busy, fast-paced world of pet photography and help your brand to stand out above the noise.”Kaylee Greer | Dog Breath Photography