Introvert is not an Excuse

“Introvert”. I think we all know what that means… It’s become a household term and it’s great that people are becoming more understanding and accepting of us quiet, introspective types.

However, another trend I see emerging among introverts that I am not so happy about is people using the term “introvert” as a reason or excuse to not try or do something.


Introverts are self-aware, thoughtful, and extremely detail-orientated. We are great at working independently and make fantastic employees!

Sure, we aren’t great at meeting new people sometimes, and maybe we struggle in large crowds and at small talk, but guess what? That does not mean we shouldn’t try!

I speak to introvert entrepreneurs in my book, The Introvert Pet Photographer’s Guide, about creating a business that allows them to work within their comfort zone. From experience, I believe long-term happiness will only be achieved when you can be yourself and if you need more time alone to be a better you, take that time! You are in total control of your business and how you structure it, so make it something that makes you happy!

That being said, I want to make it clear that I do NOT want you wonderful introvert beings to limit yourselves! Hiding and never networking because it scares you will hurt your business and you will never learn how to get better at it! At one point in life, you probably were not great at math, or spelling, but you practiced and got better, right? And now I bet you know enough to get by!

Be strong and challenge yourselves! Put yourself out there and take risks! Sometimes you will fail, sometimes you will want to cry, BUT sometimes you will really impress yourself, and your confidence will soar! With practice, you will get better at the things you fear. And that’s where the magic happens.

So, no more excuses! Being an introvert is not an excuse, it’s not a negative, and it’s not a handicap. It does not define you. Being an introvert means you are amazing and full of potential and strong – NOT WEAK.


I know many of you struggle with self-promotion. I want you to go to our Facebook group “The Introvert DogTog” and post one thing about you and your business that you KNOW you ROCK at! Are you fantastic at taking photos at sunset? Do you have an amazing product that no one else offers? Do dogs love you? Go post it now, and hashtag #irockmybusiness. Make sure to mention how your attribute can help to promote your business to new clients!

Feel free to post photos. This is an opportunity to brag and sell yourself. It’s also a chance to support one another so leave lots of encouragement for each other! See my example below.


I have really been wanting to learn off camera flash/lighting and admittedly it has not been coming as easily to me as most things! I have been very frustrated, and would consider myself FAR from having figured it out. However, after my last attempt I had quite a few really great shots and I think it’s starting to click a little. Here is one of my shots:


Ways that I could use my ability to use off camera flash to promote my business to potential clients:

  • Sunset shots
  • Night shots
  • Dramatic landscapes that include detail in the sky and landscape
  • Shoot times are more flexible (multiple in one day?)
  • Big sky/cloud photos

Now it’s your turn. GO!

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  1. Hi Holly,

    I just wanted to let you know that the image of the boxer pup looks awesome. I love how it doesn’t look like flash 🙂

    Thanks for the article and the kick in the butt 😉

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