Pumpkin Pie Frozen Treats for Pups

(yields ~ 20 frozen treats)

For nearly ten years I co-owned a health food store for pets. This has given me a lot of experience in pet nutrition and as a result, I can share some of the wonderful things I know about dogs and their diets with my fellow introvert dogtogs!

After posting a photo of my homemade dog smoothies on Instagram, I was asked for the recipe. Well goodness, I just throw it all in a bowl I have no recipe! But, last night I made a new batch and paid special attention to what I was doing so that you can recreate these treats yourself – for your pups! This is only a guideline! You can leave, add, reduce or remove ingredients with little consequence other than viscosity.

When I design these recipes, I try to choose ingredients that I know will benefit my dogs in some way. Most dogs like healthy foods so it’s fun to create something that’s good for them, and that they love too!

Please take a moment to read and learn about the ingredients in these treats (so you know why I choose them!). In the case of any of the ingredients below, organic is always preferred!


What you will need:

398 ml (15 oz) Can of pumpkin (NOT the pie mix, actual canned pumpkin)
650 g (~23 oz) Tub PLAIN, Probiotic Yogurt or Kefir (do not buy flavoured yogurt)
¾ Cup Raw Milk* (do not substitute for store-bought milk it’s not the same)
¼ Cup Unpasteurized Honey (may be reduced for few calories)
1 Tbsp Cinnamon (may be increased for medicinal benefits)

Medium-Large Mixing Bowl
Large Spoon, Spatula, or whisk
Ladle or cup w/spout to pour mixture into plastic cups
20, 3.25 oz plastic cups**

*This may be very hard to find. The only commercial variety I have found available has been Primal Raw Goat’s Milk. If you cannot find this product, substitute with either straight water (the final result will be runnier), or coconut milk (you may choose to reduce the honey as coconut milk has a slight sweetness).


** I get these cups at the Superstore Wholesale outlet. Any restaurant supply store should have them. Find smaller cups if you have a little dog. High volumes of frozen treats for a small dog can cause their body temperature to drop significantly and they will get cold. They don’t need nearly this much if they are a teeny-tiny!


Mix pumpkin, yogurt, milk, and honey thoroughly in a mixing bowl with a spoon or whisk. Pour into plastic cups until about ¾ full. After adding the lid to your treats, set them on a cookie sheet for easy transport to the freezer.

Garnish* with a pinch of cinnamon (add more for medicinal benefits. See link below for dosage) and freeze. Serve frozen, and watch that your pup doesn’t eat the cup!

*if your pup is fussy, mix the cinnamon in with the rest of the ingredients. 

About the Ingredients:

Pumpkin – Pumpkin can be amazing for dogs that are dieting. Pumpkin is high in fibre and can help them feel full with very few calories. It is also amazing for dogs with digestive issues. Pumpkin is also known to regulate stool consistency in that it makes loose stool firmer, and firm stool looser.

Yogurt or Kefir – The probiotics in yogurt and kefir are fantastic for the digestive tract. Since our dog’s immune system health is rooted firmly in their digestive tract health, this means that probiotics are also amazing for their immune systems. Probiotics are also known to benefit dogs with digestive issues.

Unpasteurized HoneyUnpasteurized honey is simply honey that has not been overly processed. Over processing of natural foods is known to destroy many of the natural benefits those foods contain.

Unpasteurized honey is a natural antiseptic and has been known to reduce allergy symptoms for allergy sufferers. It also tastes amazing!

Raw Milk – The probiotics in raw milk are fantastic for the digestive tract. Since our dog’s immune system health is rooted firmly in their digestive tract health, this means that probiotics are also amazing for their immune systems. Probiotics are also known to benefit dogs with digestive issues.

Maggie, quite possibly the world’s oldest living dog, died recently at the age of 30 – and she drank raw milk every day!

Due to laws in Canada and the USA, you will not find raw milk in a grocery store (there are some rare exceptions). Raw Goat’s Milk from Primal Pet Foods will be the only way you can obtain it, unless you have your own dairy farm! More info on the raw milk controversy here. 

Coconut Milk – Coconut is one of nature’s superfoods! It has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antimicrobial properties. In fact, there are SO many benefits to coconut, that I could not possibly list them all here!

Cinnamon – Cinnamon is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It may also help to slow or stop bacterial growth in the body. If you know you plan to feed one of these frozen treats per day, why not add a medicinal amount of cinnamon to each one? See this link from Honest Kitchen for suggested daily serving size.

Disclaimer: I am not a vet, or a dietary expert. I have developed these recipes and had success with them with my dogs. Every dog is different! It’s up to you to do your research to ensure these foods are safe for your dogs. If you have any doubts, consult your holistic veterinarian. 


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